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European Nights: Can Everton’s New Stadium Bring a New Era for the Blues?

Football is one of the richest legacies we have. It has that amazing ability to bring complete strangers together with a common goal, seeing their favourite team win. This is why, for years now, it has been the number one sport in the world.

And, this explains why we took a particular interest in one of the biggest English football clubs. 

Will this new stadium give them the breath of fresh air they need in their games? To get the answer to this question, we need to dive deeper into where it all began.

A Rich Legacy 

Named after famous civil engineer and landowner George Goodison, Goodison Park has been home to Everton FC for years. Its story and legacy are pretty interesting, as it is the first purpose-built football ground in England. But before we get there, we must get a little background on what brought the Blues to this site. 

Everton FC was first known as St Domingo’s FC and was created so members of the St Domingo Methodist New Connexion Chapel in Breckfield Road North, Everton could enjoy their sports activities all year round and year-around. But, as the activities grew and caught the attention of the Everton community, people who were not necessarily members of the church wanted to join the team. This is how the then Anfield-based club was renamed Everton FC.

After a series of misunderstandings with the landowner, Houlding, the team decided to relocate to a site they found along Goodison Road. Although this change was acclaimed by many, it somehow put most fans in a dilemma in which they either had to buy Liverpool tickets (who now occupied the Anfield site) or remain faithful to their team. It also brought a loom of uncertainties as to whether the Blues will be able to keep up their standards and become the best Liverpool-based football club.

A Long-Awaited Goodbye!

September 2, 1892, introduced a new era for Everton FC. This was the first time they played in the Goodison Park, proudly wearing their new team colours, salmon pink shirts with dark blue stripes and black shorts. The following years were marked by victories for this world-acclaimed football club. 

The Blues are undeniably one of the most historic and decorated clubs, with nine league titles and five Football Association Challenge Cups. But as victories are becoming rare, questions have sparked among fans, who are curious to know if the players have not become too comfortable in Goodison Park.

This is why they hoped that the numerous transfers within the team were enough to inject some new energy and bring them back to the Blues’ glorious days. But, all this has not been enough to give back to Everton FC its fame putting on the hope in Bramley-Moore Dock Stadium which is set to open its doors for the 2024-2025 season. This major move sets a sense of hope in the heart of those that have remained faithful to this team.

The Bramley-Moore Dock Stadium has been fuelling many debates among football fans. Many see it as a new opportunity for the Blues to shine again. But the big question is, will that be enough to bring them back to the top?

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