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Man Utd vs Everton someday soon

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I don't really want to talk about it either.

They've had our measure so far this season, and on a roll to boot.

Since we do most things contrary to expectation I'm already celebrating.

Hate playing these at the minute. That fernandes seems to bag every time I check the news

Audrey Horne:
Looking forward the game but anxious and cant really see us getting a win....

Get James back in for this one... Don't want to have to watch us trying to grind out another result, not sure my heart could take the strain of watching that again after Weds!

James in for Iwobi, Davies for Gomes and Coleman for Holgate.

Bluenose 91:
Godfrey at RB for this one with Keane & Mina CB I reckon.

Be made up with a draw.


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