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With Allan now firmly an Everton player, the Italian media needed a new will he, wonít he transfer saga involving Carlo Ancelotti and his former club Napoli.

While someone like Hirving Lozano might have been a suitable player in the past, the Mexican has since become of great use to Gennaro Gattuso, meaning someone else was needed

That man is Alex Meret, currently rotating games in between the sticks with former Arsenal goalkeeper David Ospina.

Thatís all well and good, with both shot stoppers getting relatively even game time, but the Italian is said to want a bit more, and there have been a few rumours that a sale could be on the cards, with Everton the interested party.

Thatís why the potential opening for Meret is interesting, and Umberto Chiariello, presenter of Campania Sport on Canale 21, believes a transfer is likely to happen.

Relayed by Area Napoli, he said: ďCarlo Ancelotti wants to take him to Everton: he will go. David Ospina remains regardless. You donít make money from selling him. Today, Meret earns Ä1m. If you confirm him as number one, however, you have to give him an increase.

ďMeret sells for about Ä20m, because the market value is lowered. Then again, it would be a capital gain, since 70% of his transfer has been written off. Iím sure Ancelotti wants him, itís solid info. He will likely follow him to Liverpool. He was a starter more often under Ancelotti than OspinaĒ.

That, in itself, is true, although not by much, as the now 24-year-old started 14 league games from the 25 he was available for during the 2018-19 season.

Either way, more Meret to Everton rumours, and while we canít fully vouch for Chiariello, he seems pretty certain.

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