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Everton V Spurs Friday 8pm

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Bob Sacamano:

--- Quote from: brap2 on April 15, 2021, 08:42:03 PM ---What's happened to Dom?

--- End quote ---

Felt his abductor if I recall. Gotta be careful with that I think.

Cereal Killer:
Mina, Delph and Bernard all out still but should be back next week.... happy days!

     Holgate     Kean   Godfrey

Coleman.  Allan.  Gomes   Digne
           James.       Iwobi

James played the full 90 didn't he last game, rare for him.

Be surprised if he starts here or lasts longer than 60 if he does, but thats fine as long as we get the best out of him.

Encouraging Allan is back, just good to have an extra body in there.

Spurs havenít got any excuses with that squad, have they? Two good players for every position, lots of genuine quality.

Imagine dropping the likes of Ndombele, Son, Aurier and Kane into our team?

Mourinho has completely shat himself and hasnít played to their strengths at all.

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