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Everton V Aston Villa Saturday 1st 8pm kick off

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Doucourč deffo out of this one?

Be great for the run in if we can field all 3 of Doucourč, Allan and James for the remaining 5 games.

I would feel confident of europe then.

sam of the south:
Is Grealish back?


--- Quote from: sam of the south on April 29, 2021, 09:37:15 PM ---Is Grealish back?

--- End quote ---
Seems unlikely. Saying he's getting another scan this week.

Honestly think he won't play again this season if there is a risk he comes back to early again and can't make the euros.

Especially if Europe is out of reach for them which it likely is now but certainly would be if we beat them.

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Huge, if true.

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Shut down McGinn and they've got nothing without Grealish.

Oh and why can't we just have a sensible kick off time for once. None of this 8pm Friday, Saturday or Sunday nonsense.


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