May 13, 2021, 03:40:33 PM

Author Topic: Legal Football/Sports Streaming  (Read 2733 times)

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April 30, 2021, 03:36:14 PM
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The Blue 3/4 of Liverpool

Hi folks

Im thinking of putting up a manshed/cinema room/bar thing in the garden.

Im just wondering is there a reasonably priced way of getting a legal subscription so I can watch ANY prem game and preferrably other football games legally. The icing on the cake would be other sporting events but primarily football.

Im fed up with trying to find dodgy streams and missing large portions of the game and footy is one of my few pleasures in life and I work damned hard EVERY week, so my idea is to possibly set up a bit of a club where a few mates/neighbours pop around and hopefully help out with sharing the costs.

Any ideas what would be the cheapest, decent option?

April 30, 2021, 04:06:59 PM
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Not sure about legally tbh

Firestick, good Internet connection and 80 pound a year gets you everything but you don't know me if the police come knocking
Simply simply lovely

April 30, 2021, 04:51:26 PM
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The Blue 3/4 of Liverpool

Whats the score with online betting sites showing Prem Games if u lay a bet/have credit etc. Assume VPNing needed outside UK?

April 30, 2021, 08:41:34 PM
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Until COVID fucks off you can legally watch/stream every game through Sky/BT/Amazon/BBC, but I know thats not what you meant.  There is no legal other way post COVID.

April 30, 2021, 09:17:03 PM
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Bob Sacamano

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Or invent a new covid and we keep watching reliable broadcasting of each and every game 🤷‍♀️