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Deadline Day Aug 2021

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Rondon in, possibly a journeyman RB on loan, that'll be our lot.

James and Kean out,

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Dont think it is gonna be too many surprises today.

The club will probably try to offload Rodriguez, Kean, Delph, Kenny and Nkounkou (loan)
If it will be any surprise outgouings it would be Gomes or Mina.

I guess they will succeed at offloading Rodriguez and Kean.

Will be surprised if we see many incomings but the ones we see I guess will be players with Premier League experience, between 25-31 years of age and on pretty short contracts.

They will for sure sign a striker as Kean leaves and DCL has an injury and Rondon looks most likely. Kenny only leaves if we get in a right back.

After the deadline I guess we will have a "weaker" team when it comes to talent and reputation but "stronger" when it comes to what kind of mentality Benitez wants at the club.

My dream would be the signing of Bissouma from Brighton. The best player by far that may be possible for teams below the richest clubs to get. Just hope he doesnt end up at West Ham, Arsenal or Tottenham. He would be a salvation for us.


kerryblue boy:
Good deal for kean


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