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Man Utd v Everton Sat 2nd Oct 12.30pm

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Surprised at the amount of people predicting a bit of a pumping for us. I mean, anything can happen but they've not been great, lost their last two games at home, lost to a fairly average European team and other than "Ronaldo's debut" and Leeds they haven't been free scoring. Apart from nine minutes at Villa we've not been bad and even then we had four key players out, we're both on very similar runs of form, similar goals and the same points.

It'll all depend on who's back if anyone for us, but this isn't peak Man Utd or Ronaldo we're facing.

Could do with Maguire and Shaw continuing to be out.

Expecting a defeat, but I do feel they've been hyped over little and the best thing for us is they've kept Ole rather than get a top manager.

Twatting these

Are we getting anyone back for this?

If we had our best players, I'd defo fancy us for some kind of result. If it's Rondon lumbering around, I'd be less optimistic and more expecting Utd to bounce back.

They've made light work of us a lot recently.

They play late on Wednesday so might be a bit fatigued.

Doubt we have anyone back so hope Rondon has improved his fitness a lot!

Will be very happy with a point.


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