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Burnley v Everton Boxing Day 3pm (Postponed)

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Might as well get it started eh.

Hopefully have a few back for this, be a nice Christmas present if DCL makes the squad, wouldn't start him though.

Was wondering if this was on or not given your lockdowns etc.

Blue Lagoon:
Think I read that the league have said if you can field (inc bench) 13 outfield players plus a gk they’ll not be calling games off. Unless there’s  exceptional circumstances (which I assume means not enough back room or medical people available or similar.)

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Rafa said we have only 9 outfield players available

Blue Lagoon:
Would be nice to have a few players back including DCL. Could really use a win here.
A draw won't help but I think it may be the likeliest result

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Edit. Just read macca’s post above. Looks like a loss or postponement….


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