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Everton Vs Newcastle United

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Well, what can I say, its been a few years since we've slotted The Toon away from home, its not going to be an easy game, and I actually think we might get whitewashed ourselves. Sort of stadium there's where once 1 goes in another usually follows.

What I can put across is the fact that as hard as it might be, we must forget about Reading, and the team and fans, management and board are going to have to all put together to get the best finish for the end of the season, then hopefully regroup in a please god more fruitful summer (Hopefully Nobody Leaves Eh?) , and just (its getting hard mind) persist. You can only hope our time will come.

If anyone hasn't been to Newcastle before - and is going Saturday (I'm Not) - Think of it as sitting in the clouds, watching a game of Subbuteo with loads of Half Naked men talking in rather unusual tones and telling you how fantastic it is they sell more replica shirts than they do. Oh, and I hope you like Climbing Stairs.
If your not going - recommend a good place to watch it elsewhere for anyone interested  :thumbsup:

Anyway without further or do, I'm sure like mine your concern is Everton - we need to get back on track - Team/Tactics/Score/First Goal Scorer?

If we can sneak a 1-0 - I'd be happy - Might pluck for a goal from Mikel Arteta - he REALLY needs to work on adding to his tally, and whilst he's actually beat some men and get into games with as much full bloodeness as he can. Never always been a total raver of his talents but thats the point - he is talented and he should be doing more. Scoring and dictating the game being the main 2. Dare I say would new life be breathed into him if we moved him to Right Wing? Seamus after all could do with a break? :smug:

How would you go and play up there? Positive, Containing, Counter Attack or just plain old defensive smash and grab? To me, maybe i'm wrong, getting wide works well at Newcastle.
Maybe play a Diamond? Already noticed a few requesting a change to Wing Backs - between the 2 here - I've gone for a Diamond. I realise this isn't Champ Manager - but we could do with fresh ideas.

(Ideal XI - if any are injured - please correct me)

Hibbert Heitinga Buzz Lightyear (Thats Distin to you and me)   Baines

     Arteta                                  Bily


              Saha Beckford

3 points for the  Blues please  nod


Rodwell, Saha, Beckford.

Ste EFC:
Not looking forward to this after last night. 2-0 to Newcastle on Saturday. Sorry but we're shit.


--- Quote from: Ste EFC on March 03, 2011, 02:04:28 AM ---Not looking forward to this after last night. 2-0 to Newcastle on Saturday. Sorry but we're shit.

--- End quote ---

Sad but true.

I dunno though - Positivity breeds results in my eyes,

Ste EFC:
Tell David Moyes that


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