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Everton vs Birmingham City

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Gary Iceman:
After yesterdays great result, im going for another win for the toffees, and im going for the same scoreline as yesterday, 2-1. i think the lanky zigic will cause our shaky defence problems and will score for them and becks with the 2 for us.

what about you lot?

After yesterday's great result i'm going for a draw or defeat. And then for a win against Fulham.

2-0 win.

I expected Birmingham to be on a high after the Carling Cup win but yesterday brought them back down to earth.

Same team as yesterday. If Neville is injured, Ossie into the middle and Coleman on the right.

we always follow a good result with a poor one, but birmingham really are they for the taking

Zigic is such shit. I actually think we'll be able to deal with him. For some reason strikers like Jerome seem to cause us problems.


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