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Wigan V Everton

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Nothing but a win is acceptable here

think we will see Cahill start this game with Anichebe, woould prefer it if it was with Beckford but you can just see it coming

best be a win, I'm going up again to that shithole

I don't mind Wigan as a town. Pies are good  :hail:

Wigan is a horrible, horrible place.  The outskirts are nice enough like but Wigan itself is a shithole.

Expect to see Bily dropped.  We better beat Wigan, they are awful but then they have more to play for and who the fuck knows which Everton will arrive.

Bily simply can't start after the performance on Sat. Reckon Cahill might get a start, but I hope we don't play too negatively. It is feckin Wigan, after all.

Can see a win. 3-1.


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