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Author Topic: Tottenham v Everton  (Read 63486 times)

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April 07, 2013, 10:34:14 PM
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The standards of some are far too low.

We shouldn't be happy with a point against a team like Spurs anymore, they sure as hell aren't.

This acceptance of mediocrity really needs to stop, every game we draw with teams around us with whom we are competing for top 4/5 places should be looked at as points dropped and nothing more.

I disagree.  

What have Tottenham spent over the last few years in comparison to us.  Like it or not, investment ultimately = results.  Everton are massively overachieving, much to the credit of Moyes.  Whilst no team should ever be happy conceding in the last 10, with a little balance and perspective,  any reasonable person should come to appreciate the fact that we are even competing with clubs who invest substantially more than us.