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Author Topic: Arsenal v Everton  (Read 63495 times)

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December 09, 2013, 09:36:01 AM
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It's just Wenger who I really dislike intensely. His ability as a manager is not in question but he is the most ungracious and miserable person I can remember in football. His "dirty Everton" quote in the Metro is typical of the bullshine he often uses after he's been tactically taken to the cleaners by an opposition coach and he can't face the fact that he's been bested. We were superior than his team in the possession and passing game on their own pitch today .
 He would have gained more respect from everyone if he'd have given us some credit for something everybody witnessed . A sad and bitter old man .. No wonder their "fans?" are so bad

I was praising him before the game for some nice things he said about us, but you're right, he's almost never gracious after the game. What a ridiculous thing to talk about us being overly physical when they couldn't get the ball off us for large periods. We did commit some tactical fouls at times but none of them dirty, and they did exactly the same to us in a number of advanced positions. A few of theirs weren't even called, a couple on Pienaar and the one on Lukaku out wide when he had his man one-v-one spring to mind. Barkley was also consistently fouled in the spaces 10-15 yards outside of their box.

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December 09, 2013, 09:38:07 AM
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I know Collins played for us but I've never been convinced that he really took to Everton but maybe that's wrong.

As much as anything, John Collins was a lovely footballer, with a peach of a left peg, and he's always appreciated football played a certain way. I'm sure he does have some affection for us, judging by the tone in his voice today, but he seemed to be largely responding to the football that we served up. And we served it up alright.

Collins was an Everton fan long before he signed for us, I seem to remember. That's part of the reason we were constantly linked with making a move (like Speed and now Holtby at Spurs).

December 09, 2013, 09:38:49 AM
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Check out Arteta's attempted challenger on Lukaku at the end when he barges Flamini? off the ball.


Yet we were the cynical ones.
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December 09, 2013, 03:22:10 PM
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bacon sarnie

Try to like Arsenal but can't as they're a shower of girly prima-donnas with a wannabe hardman in Wilshere & a bitter suck a lemon for a manager. Would have been righteous if we'd banged another one in in the last minute to give their fans something else to stamp their feet & cry about & Martin Tyler a coronary.

3 points against that lot way sweeter than the 3 from Old Trafford for me like.

To think the fuckers once beat us 6-1!