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RULES for the Ticket forum - READ BEFORE POSTING


It is important that you read these rules / guidelines before posting on this forum or making a purchase from a contact made on this forum.

Failure to abide by these rules WILL result in your post being deleted.  NSNO takes no responsibility for any loss, damage, or injury caused by your use of this forum.

- Tickets bought through contacts made on this forum are transactions between the two individuals concerned and are in no way authorised by NSNO.co.uk.  We do not vet people who post on this forum and therefore make no guarantees that you will receive your tickets.  When making payment, consider using Paypal to ensure you are covered should tickets fail to materialise.  If making payment in person, you agree that in doing so you are using your own powers of judgement and take full responsibility for your purchase.

- Anyone found to have advertised tickets fraudulently on this forum will be banned from ever using NSNO.co.uk again, and will have their details passed on to both Everton Football Club and Merseyside Police.

- Tickets MUST be sold at face value.  Any posts advertising tickets at inflated prices will be removed from this forum.  If you are seeking to profit from Evertonians then we suggest you use Stubhub and pay the fees that they charge.

- NSNO.co.uk's forums are primarily intended for Everton discussion.  If you are selling / buying tickets here then it would be nice if you joined in some of the other discussions on the forum.  We're all Evertonians after all.


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