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Leicester v Everton

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Leicester City v Everton FC
Supachalasai Stadium
Sunday 27th July 12:49
Pre-season Friendly 2

Leicester's Pre-season:

Ilkeston 1-6 Leicester (Morgan, Wood, Nugent x2, Hopper, Own Goal)
Leicester 27/07/14 Everton
Walsall 30/07/14 Leicester
Preston 02/08/14 Leicester
MK Dons 04/08/14 Leicester
Rotherham 05/08/14 Leicester
Leicester 09/08/14 Werder Bremen

Everton's Pre-season:

Tranmere 2-2 Everton (Naismith, Osman)
Leicester 27/07/14 Everton
Everton 03/08/14 Porto
Celta Vigo 06/08/14 Everton
Paderborn 09/08/14 Everton

Leicester City
Leicester City probably didn't envisage their first two games against Premier League opposition would both come against Everton in their first season back for a decade but that's the way the fixtures list has worked out and this will be a taster for the season ahead. Leicester were far and away the best side in The Championship last season and it's no surprise they walked the league. They've made a few of signings so far most notably with bringing in former England International defender Matthew Upson, Marc Albrighton on a free signing and highly priced Leonardo Ulloa for 8m from Brighton.

Until the last couple of seasons, reigning champions from The Championship had done quite well to avoid the drop but Cardiff's and Reading's fruitless efforts means that 4 of the last 9 have gone straight back down and 3 of those teams have finished rock bottom. However Leicester are pretty stable side on and off the pitch and the difference between the bottom 13 clubs in the Premier League isn't that vast.

Possible Line ups

Everton have actually signed someone new! well we might have, it's unsure whether the fist-ball of rage that is Muhamed Besic has actually signed on the dotted line yet but if he hasn't then it would go down as one of the most poorly executed transfers ever, but that wont happen, I'm sure, 80% sure. Everton's friendly against Tranmere was very evidently more to do with finding fitness than anything else and it proved a decent exercise with most, if not all players getting some time on the pitch in a 2-2 draw.

Magaye Gueye has just realised he has signed for Millwall

Everton will be hoping this trip to Thailand goes smoother than a couple of years when Everton were due to play a tournament in Indonesia but everybody withdrew at the last minute, I even started a match thread. There really isn't much to say so I'm just going to ramble on and hope that nobody actually reads these match threads, if this has disappointed you and you are after extra reading material then there is an interesting thread in general chat by Deano Blue Boy.

Stats and Injuries
It seems as though some international players are back with Everton with Ross Barkley being pictured out in Thailand whilst Leighton Baines appeared in the kit launch but there has been no sign of the other internationals. Oviedo and Kone are also unlikely to feature as well as Coleman who was taken off the trip as a precaution.

Audrey Horne:
I love you Shogs :love:


--- Quote from: Lizz88 on July 26, 2014, 11:31:36 PM ---I love you Shogs :love:

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Someone has to.

Audrey Horne:

--- Quote from: Shogun on July 26, 2014, 11:32:01 PM ---Someone has to.

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I was just about to cry because you hadnt done a match day thread and then i see you have and my heart exploded with joy x

So is this midnight tonight or 12 tomorrow afternoon?


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