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World Cup in Qatar 2022

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Looking forward to the next instalment of this saga


Brilliant. Another 7 years of this shite. Why don't ISIS do something useful and attack FIFA headquarters? That'd be an exceptional recruitment strategy for them.

They need to scrap this world cup. Put it somewhere sensible.

There's got to be talks going on between the FA and their German and Spanish counterparts about boycotting this, imagine how disruptive it will be. It won't just effect the one season in 2022 it will effect a few running up to it and after it surely as schedules and competitions are moved and altered to accomadate it, then there's the quality of football immediately after its finished in the second half of the season.

Utter madness and the sooner someone official announces their not taking part if it's held there and at this time of year the quicker it will fold.

I think it's a bit arrogant for a few European leagues to assume they are the be all and end all of world football, and that their timetable is the only one. Other leagues run on different timetables and presumably are interrupted when tournaments come along. Why should they have to do that while Western Europe organises the whole of world football around its own calendar?

The main issue is: should the World Cup even be Qatar? No.


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