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Stoke City v Everton

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--- Quote from: GrantyBoy78 on March 03, 2015, 02:02:29 PM ---Those stats at the top of Shoguns's piece are appalling! On paper Jonathan Walters is more affective than Lukaku. And to have Naismith and Barkley playing off the striker (I know they've been played wide, but still part of an advanced supporting 3, behind the striker) with 1 assist between them is our biggest problem. Really needs sorting.

--- End quote ---

we need a schemer

Evertonian in NC:
We will win because footy is weird, and because RM will convince the squad that it is, in fact, Thursday.

I just live in hope for the sake of hoping it can only get better... I hope

Coleman Stones Jags Garbutt
McCarthy Barry
Lennon Lukaku Mirallas

feel a draw in my head, but the old ticker says 3-0 the blues.

Coleman Stones Jagielka Garbutt
Barry Gibson
Lennon Mirallas

Edit - Almost exactly the same as @brap2

I have mccarthy as further forward as I think he would harrass and get amongst them better


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