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Dynamo Kyiv v Everton

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Sorry lads  :-\

Win 3-1

Mehhhh, what else could you say that you already didn't in the home tie thread.

Don't worry about it man


Be interesting to see how he sets up here.

Sit back and try to conserve our lead? Or try to hit them on the break and get an away goal?

Reckon a 4-3-3 counter attacking job similar to the Wolfsburg away. Mirallas will have to come back in won't he, with Lennon not available and McGeady living underground? Bout time Kev fucking contributed summat.

Think we will pack the midfield with Barry, McCarthy and Besic and make it hard for them, try and nick one on the break.

I would rather we come out the blocks like a bat out of hell and force the tie in our favour with an early goal, can't see it though myself. Still think we will go through, won't be easy though.

Not looking too healthy on the yellow card count, they don't get wiped until after the quarter finals.

Besic, Lukaku, Mirallas, Naismith and Pienaar on the edge.


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