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[News]Match Preview/Match Day Thread: Everton vs Sunderland

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--- Quote from: bluenuck on May 10, 2015, 03:22:47 AM ---I get it. I do. We want the season over with about 4 months ago... But could we come out and maybe have a little killer instinct against a shite team? Just a little? Please!? At home, too?

We score that 1st goal and we win that game. But we dick around with it, and inevitably wait for the fluke goal to go against us, and all of a sudden we turn the light bulb on.

It bugs me that our attacking game has to wait for us to go down a goal before it really wakes up.

Sigh.... Whatever....  :cheers:

--- End quote ---

Well! you are an evertonian. And don't start, I'm probably older than you?  ;D

good job teams we needed to win years ago to stop us getting relegated had some balls or we would be in the championship now, most gutless team ive seen in years, yesterday was shockingly bad. ignore me im pissed and disappointed lol :(


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