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Everton v Tottenham

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This is the game I want to win most every season behind the Shite.

Amazing how we've won more games in the old league, yet our gd is inferior. Guess that 10-4 defeat didn't help.

With our recent upturn in home form vs Spurs I'd forgotten just how incredibly bad our PL record is against them.

bacon sarnie:
Big Up to the Undercover Mod for all his hard work getting this stuff to the great unwashed. Ta la.

Think this match will unfold like the Jelavic injury time heroics of a few years past with Kane being the scorer and missing a pen - or we'll twat them 3-1. Jags MOM with a rocket launcher.

So a one goal win cements just how average our season has been.  13W / 11D / 14L and a level goal difference with a finish in 10th place is the definition of mid-table.


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