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Everton v Norwich

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Genuinely looking forward to this  :shock:

Dowell from the start.

Holgate Pennington stones baines
Mirrallas Barkley Gibson pienaar

Send offs for Howard, Gibson and pienaar
Probs Osman too as he levels some sort of record

Wonder if de boer came he would try to keep pienaar as a coach?

If Unsworth is in charge could see a few of the kids playing. Also could be a fair few players last game for us including Barry

Refreshingly excited about this game now, lets end it on a high after the news he has gone.

Play a few of the kids, Dowell is the main one I would like to see given the start.

Ell Capitan:
Feels like I just got results back from an STD test and it's all come back clear. It's like a cloud has been lifted and the world is beautiful again.

Let's smash this lot and finish on a high.


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