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June 22, 2021, 12:28:49 AM
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Official recommendation to remove the UNESCO world heritage site title on the city has been made
Does anybody actually plan their holiday based on whether their destination has a Unesco plaque or not?
Fuck the sad bastards. They'd rather see the site stay derelict than allow someone to breathe new life into it whilst respecting the site's heritage.
Personally, I couldn't give two shiny shites what the old farts at Unesco think.

June 22, 2021, 02:16:50 AM
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Preserving heritage is important and the arrogant comments above reflect an unpleasant sefish attitude. Threaten the heritage of our club and your'e all up there squealing like stuck pigs - how would you feel if someone accused our club with It's  rich and successful history of just being a small club?

It's about balance and there should be respect both ways. The loss of heritage for 'progress' will always be contentious but to just tell the other side to "fuck off"  to suit our own needs is plain wrong.
It's not about telling the other side to fuck off though.
These fucking bellends just unilaterally decide that a site should just remain derelict, for what reason? It's a heritage site. Yes, but it's been derelict and closed to the public for years, what good is that to anybody? Even if it is of historical significance, it's closed to the public so no fucker can actually see it anyway.
An organisation comes along and wants to create a massive development on the land, whilst agreeing to respect the heritage of the existing buildings on the land. The development will open the site back up to the public, will retain the existing heritage buildings and will create employment and prosperity  to an area which is currently deprived. So some cunt at Unesco gets his tits in a twist and decides to oppose it.
Do these cunts live in the affected area? No
Will they be deprived by the development? No
Will the existing heritage buildings be destroyed? No
Will opening up the site to the public enable more people to see these heritage buildings in the flesh? Hell Yes
So how is Unesco sticking it's fucking oar in and opposing it benefitting the area, heritage or anything else for that matter? It fucking isn't!

July 23, 2021, 04:58:14 AM
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South Stand completed
That's not part of the new stadium. That's a naughty step for Sigurdsson.