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September 22, 2010, 07:49:28 PM
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Okay, so let us predict what will happen for this game.  For me to rectify the problems we have been having I would play the following if available.


Hibbert          Jags Heitinga        Baines

                   Fellaini   Neville
Arteta                                         Pienaar



This would hopefully solidify the awful defence and take the pressure off Arteta to be creative through the middle while giving both him and Pienaar license to roam.  I am loathe to put Arteta RM but since his central performances have been so dire a switch to the right side might be what he and we need.  Coleman or Bilya can still come on at any point if Neville can't make 90 minutes allowing Arteta back in the middle.

This team would beat Fulham imo 2-0.  Cahill, Yakubu.

However, I fully expect to see this...


Neville       Jags  Distin          Baines

Osman      Arteta Fellaini       Pienaar



This team can probably get a draw.

If Cahill is injured I expect Heitinga to come in and Fellaini to play the Cahill role and we will almost certainly get beat.

I agree with your preferred side.

However I don't think that there's anyway that Neville won't be in the middle.

If he feels he has to play Arteta in the middle then I think that Cahill will be the lone front man again.

September 22, 2010, 08:00:00 PM
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Hibbert Heitinga Distin Baines

             Fellaini Neville

Coleman     Cahill        Pienaar

Wishful thinking and I'm sure that Osman, Arteta and Jagielka will somewhat undeservingly retain their places. I just hope to God that Cahill is fit so we're not subjected to Fellaini up front again. If we do play Fellaini there I fully expect a loss.

If we put my suggested team out I reckon we may well actually keep a clean sheet for once and hopefully Cahill can produce one of his classic away perfomances to get us a 1-0 win.


This seems to be the favoured back "7". I also think that it's pretty likely as it allows Moyes to play Hibbo and Neville.

Obviously Pienaar keeps his spot and Cahill will play, so the remaining spots are upfront or the 3rd CM position if Cahill plays as the striker and RM.

Edit: Sorry, just seen that you've got Distin in. Please don't suggest that again.
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