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September 25, 2010, 10:00:38 PM
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Playing well but not creating anything clear cut really, probably over playing sometimes instead of crossing the ball or slipping in a through ball.

Coleman's been a breath of fresh air on the right, he's played well, always wants to take on Salcido at any chance, my one concern his Jags distribution and choice of pass, like Tony Gale says, he's not dropping it into Yak, he's trying to fire it forward, and he could of sometimes played in to midfield but instead went long or sideways or to Howard, like gale said again, he needs to just play to his strengths and give the ball short to the likes of Arteta and Felli who can pass.

My only worry for the 2nd half is, if we carry on like this and don't score, with the way are season as been going, Fulham will have just the one or two attacks and probs score from one of em and we'll find it hard to break em down and get back into it or win, we need to get a goal soon, if we carry on having the lions share of possesion, i wouldn't mind seeing Beckford thrown on alongside Yak to give him some support and someone with legs to do the running and let Yak be the link between attack and midfield

September 25, 2010, 11:15:45 PM
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Yesterday before the game i said i'd be happy with a point today and i really should be but after seeing that im not. With the way we played we should of won, and with 10, 15 mins to go, gaps was starting to appear in Fulhams defence and Yak was getting in but for a better ball and for me at that point the game was crying out for Beckford to be on and to get in those spaces with his pace and movement and Moyes refused to go for it, unbelievable, it could of been so much better for us today if he'd of risked it and just gone for it for once but he didn't, i can remember when he took over and in his first full season with us, he'd go for it and have 3 strikers on at a time, Campbell, Radzinski and Rooney to try and win games, now he wont even throw two on up top, whats up with him, we was playing well and having ago so why not go for it and put Beckford up there with Yak and try and win it?.

With the way are seasons gone so far, its a very good point but after watching that performance, i cant help think it could of been so much better if Moyes would of grown some balls and been braver and gone for it with Beckford up front with Yak, if we'd of took 3 points from today off the back of that performance, are confidence would of grown alot and are season would be back on track ahead of a tough away game next week and then the derby

September 26, 2010, 03:10:01 AM
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I'm not convinced that beckford would of made a difference
Yakubu made a lot of room for himself due to his physical strength and him tearing hangeland a new one

Osman though should of had a tap in but lost concentration was poor from him

Don't get me wrong, Yak had a good game today and should of got us a goal but with 10 or so mins to go, Fulham were starting to hold a high line and leaving space in behind and one or two times Yak nearly got in and i think with Beckford, fresh legs and a bit of pace and good movement off the last defender, he might of got in and who knows, might of nicked us the win?.

But with us having alot of the game and to the very end aswell, i'd of liked to of seen Moyes put on Beckford for the last 10 and give Yak some support cos Yak all game was pulling wide and dropping deep and pulling his marker all over and i think that would of been ideal for Beckford as it would of give him more room to run into and we could of maybe exploited it a bit better that way and created more.

Yeah, the facts do speak for themselves. We did play well. We did make chances. We did look confident. We did keep a clean sheet. We did take a point from our bogey ground. You can whinge and moan as much as you want, but this was a decent result.

A point down there is good in are current state of affairs, but is it worrying anyone else that we are playing well but not scoring and getting results?. That's when you should get goals and win when playing like we did today and against Wolves 1st half, Villa for 60 mins and against United but what about when are form dips, confidence is low and we aren't playing well and then were not even picking up draws, we'll be fucked!.

If we go about things the way we did today and carry on playing well and creating a bit more then sooner or later we will score goals and win games but in all my time of supporting and watching Everton, i know they wont play like that consistently over a run of games, we play like that one week and then play shit for 2 or 3, we never play like we did today or like we did against United this season and last or play like we did against Fiorentina in Europe a few seasons ago on a regular basis. I know you cant play like that every week but surely we can play summat like most weeks, but we don't, but if we did we'd win most games than not but we have too many shit games and not enough good ones consistently. That's what separates us from the top 4 or 5 teams in this league IMO, they rarely, if ever have too many shit games were there shockingly bad and lose but every season your guaranteed that with Everton, we've got too many bad games in us which cost us in the end.
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