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Middlesborough vs Everton

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Bluenose 91:
Strange there wasn't a thread for this yet!

Will be a tough game as they set up very defensive but definitely one we should be winning.

2-0 to the Blues.

Coleman  Williams Mori  Baines

     Davies     McCarthy

Mirallas     Lukaku   Barkley


--- Quote from: Juanito on February 10, 2017, 06:33:29 PM ---                  Robles
Coleman  Williams Mori  Baines

     Davies     McCarthy

Mirallas     Lukaku   Barkley

--- End quote ---

No Gueye or Scheiderlin? Are you bonkers?

cumon evrton dees r shite

I'd go 3-5-1-1, with Barkley playing just off Lukaku and a midfield 3 of Schneiderlin, Gana and either Davies or McCarthy. I'd leave Lookman and Mirallas on the bench as options to change the game if needed.


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