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Everton Vs Sunderland aka Everton rejects

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Yay!! Footy is back this weekend, all the players should be well rested after the little Dubai trip, Lukaku fit? Besic on the bench maybe? Near enough a fully fit squad which is a great problem to have for Koeman

Another sell out as well,  the old girl will be bouncing

Can't wait for this, especially after a 2 week wait. We really should win this comfortably, keep Defoe in check and they don't really have any other real threats. Hopefully the squad are refreshed after thier break and can kick on for the rest of the season by giving Sunderland a hiding.


--- Quote from: Robioto on February 21, 2017, 05:01:13 PM ---keep Defoe in check

--- End quote ---

Easier said than done

Last time we played them at home it was 6- 2 including a Kone hat-trick. But Defoe scored a cracker at the Street End he needs watching closely.

They're badly shit and we're going to mash them up.


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