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West Ham v Everton Saturday 22nd, 3pm

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Shit club in a shit stadium, I really hope we give them a little 'relegation battle' scare!

Lukaku loves playing these too... so yea, no goals for him.

@Gash I've only gone and put this in the wrong place lolol

Lukaku loves playing against west Ham.

Im still laughing at the article from the other day where Brady said they'd tried to sign him. Fakkin muppets.

Evertonian in NC:
Damned shame they won't be going down.  But maybe Rom can at least get a hatful, to keep the pressure on pretty boy Kane.

Absolutey despise these bubble blowing bell ends and the 3 dildo heads that run them.

Made up they got sold down the river in that soulless shit tip of a stadium.

Hope we absolutely wallop these and Rom scores a hat trick and runs past brady and shows his arse.


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