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November 24, 2017, 11:47:21 PM
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Absolutely believe he has our best interests at heart. Absolutely believe we are a better business for him being here

Football side though he's lost all perspective in an attempt to impress. It's alright when you have a don't take no for an answer policy when you're city and you're taking your pick. Having that when it's Sigurdsson though just leads to you paying more money for a lesser player than you could of got

All our dealings seem to have no concept of time management or value for money. We actually need to take no for an answer. We actually need to learn to walk away when a deal becomes too expensive.

We overpaid on the entire lot in the summer (minus sandro who's fee was set)
Even if the likes of Pickford and Keane prove worth it in the end (zero chance with Keane) we still paid way too much at the point of purchase. Had both clubs over a barrel and paid a premium both times
We are just a really really shit Man City. paying way too much for players no one better than us would consider for a second

We are about to do our own version of a treble. Martinez, Koeman and Allardyce.