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December 23, 2017, 05:04:22 AM
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Real tough game, arguably the hardest we will face until end of Jan.

They can mix it up and have individual brilliance, we are also going to need some of our more talented players to shine.

I donít think aiming for DCL with direct balls will have much joy tomorrow, could be a game for Niasse or Sandro

December 23, 2017, 05:48:05 AM
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No rooney is a plus IMO

The way to beat Chelsea is on the counter attack, can now play Mirallas or Lookman or Bolasie and kill Chelsea on the counter

December 23, 2017, 05:52:32 AM
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Hopefully Keane has improved massively otherwise Hazard, Willian and Pedro will run rings around him.

I am trying to make a positive out of the situation.

Jags and Keane should be nice and fresh and raring to go and stake a claim for a first team place

December 24, 2017, 12:21:27 AM
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Totally agree it's a combination and so far we are doing only half of it but we are doing it brilliantly.

We just don't have attacking players that control possession. We don't have a winger with genuine quality and we don't have a striker who can consistently hold it up. When these things change we'll get better performances in attack

This is spot on

We donít have any top quality wingers in the squad (Bolasie pre injury was not top class)

We donít have any top quality strikers in the squad

You could even argue we donít have any top quality midfielders, Davies found out again today, Schneiderlin did OK and no more than OK.

A real quality box to box midfielder, winger (or 2) and striker (or 2) and we would be pushing at the right end of the table.

Allardyce didnít have many options today

December 24, 2017, 01:26:37 AM
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like the first half against Huddersfield?

or against Newcastle?

the results are good, but we're playing some proper boring football at times, even against utter shite sides like those above.

oh, and Palace.


Merry Christmas lad, I'm off for some of that sherry!

Hi Simon,
Your coming across as really bitter

Seems Sam can do no right

There were so few options going forward today, the same circumstances that Sam has faced since taking over, yet people expect miracles in both defence and attack

Really donít get it

This month was all about getting as many points as possible, nothing else

Your judging s manager on 6 games with someone elseís unbalanced squad including a game vs the champs and a game away at our rivals who we havenít beaten in decades at their place
Really harsh
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December 24, 2017, 01:50:46 AM
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I think he just means bitter. You had a very negative opinion on allardyce when he came. An opinion shared by most. Most have softened with the results and his interviews. You just refuse to

Good football such as what? When did we ever play good football. 1 year under Martinez. Couple of seasons here and there under Moyes. So 3 or 4 seasons of maybe the last 20. Let you give allardyce no time to get his own players in before making judgements and that despite the results being fantastic

Utd don't play good football. Liverpool don't get the results they should because they are as lobsided as us (attack to our defence) and not half as pragmatic.

I'd love to see us play good football but we don't have quality attacking players. Who did you want? Who's this mythical manager that would have turned DCL into Aguero. Lennon into Salah. Sigurdsson into Pogba??

We were hopeless. We are now winning and defensively we've been superb. Enjoy it.

This is it

Everton have never been famous for playing good football

We never have

We do not have a philosophy and the school of science stuff is bollocks

Everton play to win leagues and cups, and thatís all I want is to do

December 24, 2017, 01:53:04 AM
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This squad is not full of plodders and cloggers tho
It's a side that finished comfortably 7th last season
Needed a new keeper, we signed the best English talent
Needed a new cb, signed a player who was massively rated and a full international
Needed creativity, signed sigurdsson and rooney
Needed a cf, fucked that up

Sold out best player, signed 4 slow number 10s and no wingers
Failed to move on ageing defenders
Didnít sign a left back
People are judging big sam on Koemans recruitment

Give Sam 2 transfer windows to get players in and more importantly out, then judge him
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December 24, 2017, 02:12:07 PM
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I was devastated when we took Sam on and I am still gutted that we had to do it but fair play to him and his team,anyone who supports us would have taken the points and results in the blink of an eye .That doesn't mean I am as happy as a dog with two dicks but it means I am pleased with the points and results and looking forward to see what he does in January.THis is the biggest club job he has ever had and I feel his team realise that and that they need to get this one right .I will  never be happy in my heart with the two Sams though.

Your position is Really sad ,
I couldnít stand Moyes and I got lots of stick on forums including being banned from blue kipper and toffeeweb for criticising him, but I still supported the club 100%

Everyone should be judged on results , not hearsay

If we win a trophy, that is all that matters

December 25, 2017, 02:51:15 PM
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Sorry but have to disagree with some of that. Look at his tenure without prejudice.
His first "5 year plan" was immense. Did so much right. The next phase did not happen because the funding was not there, and continual failure to provide this did not help. Imo, he should have walked then , it would have shown the board and its failings in all its forms. But he was to honourable maybe.
And his friendship with Bill was ultimately his biggest flaw, he was on a hiding to nothing eventually. Man U was the wrong club at the wrong time, no one would have succeeded after AF.
Wether you like it or not, we owe him more than we owe the board at the time. And it's time for the snide comments and childish stuff about him to stop.
He deserves better...and we ARE better than that. We treated Shankley with respect. Let's thank DM for his input and.move on.

Shankly won trophyís

Moyes was negative, predictable and too scared to try and win games

One crap over rated manager who has been found out

Someone who never takes responsibilty for his failings