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May 06, 2018, 03:50:39 AM
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Well for fucks sake, you are a decent clever guy, can you honestly hand on left bollock and say this is all Sam Allardyce's fault? I hate the fact he's here but it's not his fault we were so shit  that it came to pass, really think next year could be a whole lot worse with or without him.

but it is his fault at how the team is setup, what formation we play, what players we use and what TACTICS he employs.

When I see Klaassen play I'm not sure whether he's great but he doesn't do anything on a pitch that explains why he's been treated like a leper by Koeman and now Allardyce

by the time he came on, we had 4 center midfielders...(includin him) 2 strikers.. and  no wingers...

Sorry but we did not deserve anything today.  Not sure what Moshiri and Kenwright were smiling about at the end.

probably wanted to lol, like almost everyone on this forum did when we scored, robbing the saints...

Disingenuous philistine.

May 06, 2018, 05:14:00 AM
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Tom Davies did well to keep his shot low considering the way it came to him.

Feel like he could become a Frank Lampard type of player under better guidance.

That doesn't mean as good as Lampard before someone replies.
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