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August 12, 2018, 08:40:01 PM
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One of the jobs as captain is to protest to the referee to make sure free kicks for the opposition in dangerous areas don't get relocated to the advantage of the other team. No one else stepped up. They were too busy thinking about the sending off!! It was moved forward about 5m in my estimation to just outside the half-circle. OK, Pickford was deceived by the player looking at the other side of the goal and took a step the wrong way, but allowing the kick to be taken from that position was also a serious mistake for the referee and the team. It made scoring their goal just that much easier.

Let's hope the team gives more attention to this in the future!

(Apart from that, it was a good performance, under the circumstances:-)
To be fair, Richarlison and Baines were arguing with the referee to move the free kick back, but he just ignored them.
Don't think it was shown on most of the highlights shows.