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West Ham v Everton

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--- Quote from: stirlingblue on March 31, 2019, 03:27:00 PM ---I mostly agree with you, although the big question mark for me is how long it took us to get over the derby loss.

Whether thats a lack of motivational skills on Silva’s part or an inherent weakness in the squad is difficult to tell though.

We’re going to have upsets and defeats in the future, we can’t be responding to them by losing all confidence for 10-15 games.

--- End quote ---
No getting away from Silva making repeated tactical howlers for most of the season, there has been an element of him learning on the job, hopefully that's behind him but he did deserve a lot of the stick he was getting, he seems to be pointing in the right direction now though and let's hope that continues.


--- Quote from: stirlingblue on March 31, 2019, 04:37:07 PM ---If that’s what you expect this summer you’re going to be sorely disappointed.

Two quality strikers: £60m+
Lozano: £35m
Gomes: £30m
Dumfries: £20m
Zouma/New CB: £30m

Just the casual £175m plus wages there

--- End quote ---

Saying that's what we need.

Not necessarily what we will get.


--- Quote from: Cozzie on March 31, 2019, 04:16:00 PM ---DCL has improved massively but we can't go into next season with him leading the line.

Going 2 seasons without properly replacing Lukaku was bad, going 3 seasons without doing so would be maniacally stupid.

Ideally for me would be selling Niasse or even just giving him away, loaning out DCL so he continue improving better and buy TWO quality strikers with Tosun as 3rd Choice.

Tosun isn't the best I agree but having an international forward as 3rd choice wont be bad. He doesn't have a lot to his game but hes a finisher at least.

Sell Walcott hopefully too and get a more young hungry winger in, Lozano would be ideal for me but I don't know how likely that is.

A decent right back as well, Denzel Dumfries?

That would be all we would need I reckon if we made Gomes permenent and possibly have to replace Gueye if he goes.

Doubt we would sign Zouma as he is fancied at Chelsea and with him going with Jags would leave us short at the back so maybe another CB?

I'm still not 100% on Silva but I am in the give him time camp as I believe any manager regardless needs time.

Give him credit, barring that Newcastle farce we haven't been bad as of late.

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Don't think we'll have the money for two quality strikers - let alone being able to attract two.

I'd like to see Vlasic back and given a go as cover/competition for Sigurdsson.

I'd like to see Onyekuru come in as cover/competition for the wingers.

I'd like to see Lookman given a go too but I'm resigned to the fact that we fucked that one up and he's already decided to go and that's why he's not in Silva's plans.

Hopeful for Zouma but but if we can't keep him then we need to sign someone at least as good for CB.

Pickford is also crying out for competition.

Beyond that we only need a few tweaks really, so whatever Brands can do to upgrade will be cool.

RB is not as big a concern as it was but if we do get someone in - I think Kenny would really benefit from a loan in the Championship.


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