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Everton V Burnley Friday 8pm

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Cannot stand Burnley and their anti football, cannot stand "boyhood red" Dyche, his voice grates on me so much. To think there was a few on here who wanted him to manage us.

Hopefully unchanged for this again, last home game of the season so lets twat these all over the place.

Mayor Farnum:
Their last big effort of the season was to try and stop City winning the league.
Fancy a strong performance and good win for us here.

Grand Master C:
I quite like them 😑

I don't mind Burnley at all ,despite their 'anti football' which got them to 7th last season.
This season they've been hard to break down and no doubt will be as tight as a crabs arse on Friday. Hope we batter them like .

I like burnley myself. Enjoy watching them for the most part tbh.


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