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2019 NSNO Awards - Results!

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Best Poster

1 Vote - Jamokachi, Shogun, Sir Stealth, Toffee1, Velimski
2 Votes - Bluedylan, sam of the south
3 Votes - TheRam

Winner @GLewis (4 Votes)
Funniest Poster

1 Vote - blargins, Bob Sacamano, Major Clanger, sam of the south
2 Votes - Bally, brap2, TheTone

Winner @Macca77 (5 Votes)
Worst Poster

1 Vote - ARTEZZY, Escla, TheRam, TrevorSteven

Winner @Thomas (3 Votes)
Most Under-rated Poster

1 Vote - Audrey Horne, Bob Sacamano, Cassius, dazfrancis, GrantyBoy78, Hawkandro, Lxxx, Mouse, Paddockoldie, sam of the south, Shogun, Thornton_19, toffee_scot, TSGun, Waltzer

Winner @Toddacelli (2 Votes)
Most Improved Poster

1 Vote - blargins, brap2, Goaljira, Mouse, Shogun, TheRam, Toffee1

Winners @KoemansNumberTens @Lxxx (2 Votes)
Poster who you'd buy a pint for

1 Vote - All, April, Bally, Bob Sacamano, Ell Capitan, Evertonian in NC, Gash, Glewis, Jamokachi, KoemansNumberTens, Macca77, Major Clanger, Mouse, Shogun, TheTone, Toddacelli

2 Votes - Audrey Horne, blargins, Bluedylan, Cassius, Toffee1, Velimski

Winners @brap2 @Brownie @Goaljira @Jimmywhack @TheRam (3 Votes)
Poster most likely to murder/stalk you

1 vote - KoemansNumberTens, Polledreng, sam of the south, SANA_DRO, TheTone

Winner @Audrey Horne (2 Votes)
Poster who should have posted more

1 Vote - Django, Hill135, Kramer0, Major Clanger, Shropshire Blue, Simon Paul, Sir Stealth

Winners @Mouse @Rhys @The Analog Kid (2 Votes)
Most Clueless Poster

1 Vote - YankeeBlue214
2 Votes - ARTEZZY, Escla

Winner @Thomas (3 Votes)
Transfer Muppet

1 Vote - Gash

Winner @brap2 (3 Votes)
Biggest Whiner

1 Vote - IndianTofee1975, Ross, Thomas, Tinga

Winner @KoemansNumberTens (8 Votes)
Best E-Fight

1 Vote - Bally vs People, Brap vs TheRam, Confucius vs People

2 Votes - Bluedylan vs Brap2

Winner @Brownie vs @brap2 (3 Votes)

Best Departed Poster

1 Vote - bacon sarnie, brap., Cassius, Eddie, Mick 1995, MrWhite, Running Blue, School of Science

Winner @hill135 (4 Votes)
Poster likely to have posted drunk or stoned

1 vote - ARTEZZY, Audrey Horne, Bob Sacamano, TheRam, YankeeBlue214
2 Votes - Brap2, pjk

Winner @TheTone (4 Votes)
Nice Guy Award

1 Vote - Brownie, Cassius, DanDan, Evertonian in NC, Goaljira, Lincs Toffee, Mouse, Silas, TSGun
2 Votes - Toddacelli, Toffee1

Winners @Shropshire Blue @Sir Stealth (3 Votes)
Essay writer of the year

1 Vote - Brap2, GLewis, Kramer0, Thomas
2 Votes - Major Clanger

Winner @Bluedylan (3 Votes)
Grumpy Old Git

1 Vote - Blue1948, Bluedylan, Escla, Mayor Farnum, Tinga, Waltzer

Winner @KoemansNumberTens (2 Votes)
Most likely to be banned in 2020

1 Vote - Bluedylan

Winners @ARTEZZY @YankeeBlue214 (3 Votes)
Best Thread of 2020

1 vote - Silva playbook

Winner - Online dating thread (2 Votes)
Most likely to have caught an STI

1 Vote - Cozzie
2 Votes - sam of the south

Winner @TheTone (7 Votes)
Strangest Poster

1 Vote - BlueForYou, Escla, Major Clanger, Mayor Farnum, Thomas

Winner @ARTEZZY (4 Votes)
Poster you'd want to be

1 vote - Bally, brap2, GrantyBoy78, Mouse, Simon Paul, TSGun

Winner @Confucius (4 Votes)
Biggest Wool

1 Vote - Brownie

Winner @YankeeBlue214 (7 Votes)
Old Married Couple

1 Vote -  blargins & Evertonian in NC, blargins and Bluedylan, Brownie and brap2, GLewis and Major Clanger, sam of the south and YankeeBlue214

Winner @Bally and @Simon Paul (2 Votes)
Best ITK

Winner @Django (11 Votes)
Worst ITK

1 Vote - Bally, Jimmywhack, Toddacelli
2 Votes - Django

Winner All of NSNO (3 Votes)
Poster of the decade

1 Vote - blargins, Bluedylan, Bob Sacamano, Gash, Simon Paul, TheRam
2 Votes - GLewis

Winner @Major Clanger (3 Votes)

I ran away with that shit.

Shropshire Blue:
Thank you to all who have supported me and enabled me to reach this point in my posting career.
Special thanks to my life coach who has given me such modesty. To my wife for encouraging me to write so much rather than talking to her. To my sponsor, Morrisons, for giving me the tools to do the job - the copious supply of wine and chocolate. My devoted fans for voting for me, Nigel Farage for pushing me to the point of no longer keeping my feelings bottled up and finally to the moderators of this forum who have simply made it all possible.
I feel very humble and so grateful for all the 'likes' which are so dear to me and which I count every night.
Thank you all and I am so glad to have given you the honour of knowing me.🏆

Good work Shogs!    :thumbsup:

Still miss your awesome matchday threads though....   #JustSayin  nod


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