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Wolves vs Everton - 12 July 2020

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When: Sunday 12:00pm GMT / 7:00am ET
Where: Molineux Stadium

Current table: honestly who cares

I think we will batten down the hatches to grind out a result. Won't be pretty.

JFC, every game since restart so far has been while I'm at work. Now this one is on at 4am.

I can't watch that midfield any more.


Beni sit.

Davies energy.

Iwobi or Gordon link to attack between the lines.

Three across the top however you like it. DCL helps keep us in shape, but rich or Kean I would watch. Walcott for shape on the right. Rich if we want to introduce Kean. Iwobi or Gordon if not.

If we are stuck on 442, then Beni and Davies pivot. Drill Davies on what he's supposed to be doing.

Richarlison left, Kean and DCL up top, Gordon right.

I can't even imagine waking up by 7am to watch this.


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