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Wolves vs Everton - 12 July 2020

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--- Quote from: formerKHL on July 13, 2020, 05:26:23 PM ---sorry brap(nothing personal) this is total rubbish...this tells me you have no  concept of the academy system and the philosophy behind it...which is to produce footballers.....not right backs/left backs/centre midfielders/etc etc....the philosophy is that they learn the game, how to play an early age they get to play in many different positions in order to understand the different aspects to the game in different positions....i'm not talking about a goalie becoming a striker and vise versa...but within a function of a team...having said that some goalies at some academies I know do get to play outfield sometimes...

when I worked in academies... I wish I had a pound for every time a parent said to me..."he's a right back/left back/striker've got him playing out of position...."

this is why many players who are very good players don't make the grade...because they cant players get older working their way through the academy system.... they get established in positions that they then make their own.....but the underlying capability is that they function in the that position ie: a defender ...a midfielder...a forward...

when a player makes the first team he should be basically able, capable and adaptable to play the function he's asked to play....

that's why I's not the system that makes the player.... but the player that makes the system....because they should be adaptable.....

--- End quote ---

I get that mate definitely, I mean the step up to men's football as he develops into a player who knows his position and the position he will be asked to play.

For the he last few years this has changed week to week, even down to what manager he will be under!

know where your coming from to a point....but regardless of the manager, tactics, system....this lad has gone backwards from the player who scored THAT goal against a player who cant pass 5 yards to a colleague...cant stay on his feet...constantly gives the ball away....chases shadows...

I don't think that's the managers matter who he is...

Davies definitely needs a loan and a run of games. Thing is, I can see him going somewhere and just pottering along, looking average, then going to the Championship and pottering along. Unless he sorts himself out hell be bouncing between clubs like Swindon and Carlisle on 18 month deals, before hes 30.

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