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Expectations for the season

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3 wins from 3... Including 2 away wins in London.  We've a number 9 scoring for fun, and a new mental strength not seen  for a long time.

So what are your maximum and minimum expectations for the season based on what you've seen so far?

For me it's:

Max - Top 4
Min - Top 6

If we could win a cup along the way that'd be even better, but I'd take a decent show in both cups with the improved league positions as it'd show a good level of progress.

I think our team and squad has slightly less quality than Chelsea and Man U, but we have a far better manager and no Europe to sap our energy... Top 4 could well be within reach and I expect us to at least challenge for it based on our opening to the season.

sam of the south:
If we can avoid injuries and/or burnout to our best players, I would be ecstatic with Top 6, and going deep in the cups.

The main thing for me is to be a side that continues to create good goalscoring opportunities, whilst being stingy at giving them up at the other end.

Will see after the window shuts

Dr. Sponge:
Our first 11 looks really strong, and the fringe players have put in a few good performances in the cup so we're in a position we couldnt have imagined last season.

But let's not forget what we're up against. Squads on paper:

The shite and City will have the top 2 sewn up again.

Then the next tier of quality down there's United, Chelsea, Spurs & Arsenal (purely because of Aubameyang).

Then after that theres Leicester, Wolves and, in my opinion, us.

Spurs seem in a bad place, but they have Kane, Son, have just signed Bale and have 39 midfielders.

United have a very good squad, although they're suspect defensively and Ole is shite.

Chelsea have quality all over the pitch, but Lampard is still cutting his teeth.

Wolves and Leicester looked excellent last season, aside from Leicester implosion towards the end, so it's not easy to even get Europa league.

Realistically, if we continue with this momentum and sure up at the back then I think we have a big chance of a cup.

In the league though, all things considered:


That's where I rate the top 8 this year on current showings and signings.

My only expectation is that this season we're not involved, at any time, in any discussions revolving around relegation zones.


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