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Author Topic: How should we set up away?  (Read 2913 times)

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Re: How should we set up away?
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Aye, what NSNO says. It doesn't matter how many defenders you play, if their cohesion and understanding is shoite (like when we played Arsenal). Often you can do much better with just 2 centre backs and one defensive mid (which is my preference) and you defend from the front. The idea being that fast pacey full backs and wingers (Coleman and Walcott, for e.g.) will make the opposition defenders and wingers think "fook, Im not going too far forward, as I wont be able to get back if they break". Whereas if we have shit, slow defenders, EVERYONE in their team will attack us, knowing we are shit on the break. I would much rather have a go at a team, than sit back with a million shit defenders.

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