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The Everton Forum / Re: Silva’s Playbook
« Last post by brap2 on 39 minutes ago »
I actually feel more positive after that than I did after West Ham. Find it odd to see people reacting quite badly to the loss as though it wasn’t always coming - there is a bigger gulf in class on the pitch between us and the top six than there has been for quite some time.

Hoping for a win today was realistically just hoping for a bit of a miracle like arsenal have a bad day or we take all our chances and bury everything etc.

We looked positive and most of the players can be relatively pleased with how they played.

It was a bit like Joshua Povetkin actually. We worked hard and game then problems, but when they did step up a gear they cut through us, and it ended up a bit of a regulation win for them to be honest, but that’s just down to the difference in quality and we are some way off addressing that (2, 3 windows?).

Edit: just realised I didn’t really make my point - the game plan was OK. A little bit of a shootout (go toe to toe and either luck or quality prevails) and when we do that against Liverpool we unfortunately are going to get absolutely mullered...but fuck it I don’t mind that tactic too much because you might get a result with the right luck, and you can (in theory) eventually solve the quality problem to give yourself more and more chance to win those games.

If you lose because you set up terribly or you don’t have a plan then that would be a problem. Not saying it doesn’t tell us something about silva but imo I’ve got a bit of credit on the bank for results like that.

West Ham at home, not so much.
The Everton Forum / Re: Arsenal v Everton
« Last post by blueToffee on 39 minutes ago »
Iíve been pretty disappointed or perhaps disillusioned would be a better word these last few years supporting Everton. My biggest positive in recent years was actually this past transfer window though. A lot of which weíve yet to see the benefits of, but most of all because there was a plan and we are trying to address every area of the pitch. It gives me hope that there is a bigger plan on the works, an attempt to create a side that hasnít really been undertaken since Moyesís days.

So the start of the season has been kinda poor, but I do see promise in a lot more players than I did last season. I hope they do gel when all these signings are finally assembled and we can build on that into next season.

Definitely are going to need a striker next time out but Iím sure Brands is aware of that because he seemed to address most of the bigger issues we were complaining about for the last few years.

The Everton Forum / Re: Main Striker - Lets have a poll
« Last post by brap2 on 53 minutes ago »
I donít even think he was that bad today to be honest?

That chance at the start of the game was an absolute stinker you have to say, but I mean...he gets himself into these positions which is the most important thing.

Okay he fluffed it, next time maybe he doesnít and then heís a better player because of it.

Was quite pleasantly surprised at tosunís left peg effort, which says a lot that Iím surprised our £30m striker had a shot on target.
The Everton Forum / Re: Main Striker - Lets have a poll
« Last post by Normm on 54 minutes ago »
I also think that Richarlison would not be a static CF, pinned down by CB's. He would most likely pull them out of position all over the place and frighten the life out of them with his skill and pace. Marco must definitely be considering this as an option.
The Everton Forum / Re: Main Striker - Lets have a poll
« Last post by Normm on 1 hour ago »
I have been backing DCL, but that was poor today. On the poll, I was surprised to be casting my vote with the majority (so far). More are coming to the same conclusion.

The only person who actually looks on form to score at the moment is Richarlison. - It could be that the answer to our CF problem is staring us in the face. We won't really know till we try him leading the line, especially when we have others who can play out wide.

That said, against Arsenal we actually started to play like a team. It could easily have been 1-1, or better, with just a little more composure and vision up front. For much of the game, we were the better side.
The Everton Forum / Re: Arsenal v Everton
« Last post by bluestevie on 1 hour ago »
Wasnt the real dunk was it ?

No the clown calls himself Kev The Rat, he's been wanting Silva out since the Wolves game
The Everton Forum / Re: Arsenal v Everton
« Last post by boothill on 1 hour ago »
Is is dry enough in here to talk about the game? As I've just been lobbed off GOT for a week for a sweary rant against an Allardyce supporting cockwomble for wanting Silva gone
Wasnt the real dunk was it ?
The Everton Forum / Re: Arsenal v Everton
« Last post by boothill on 1 hour ago »
Yeah you can say all sorts on here like fuck, cunt, wank and all that.

Libertarianism largely rules here.
You are live on channel nsno,  please dont say cunt or twat
The Everton Forum / Re: Main Striker - Lets have a poll
« Last post by Heisenberg on 2 hours ago »
Tosun has good hold up play I agree. But you dont see it as he completely isolates himself from the rest of the game with poor positional play and is never showing for a pass. Shocking signing for that amount of money. Not a premier league player at all. Sooner january comes the better
The Everton Forum / Re: Arsenal v Everton
« Last post by bluenuck on 2 hours ago »
We played well and all that. And we defo did. We were really well set up. For the vast majority of the team, it was well executed.

But yet again. Yet fucking again, we didn't get it over the line. And it's not good enough. Failure and 'nearly but not quite' runs right through this club from top to bottom, and it's really not good enough. The number of times we won the ball off their defence, and had chances to kill them high up the pitch was incredible. They looked baffled and clueless.

Unfortunately we played like we thought 'these chances will keep coming', which again, isn't good enough at this level.

So tired of following this club, and so tired of being disappointed with them. All the changes of manager and players and it's the same shit over and over again. It's not today's result. Obviously people lose away at Arsenal. It's the manner of it, and the repetition of the same shit year after year.

Maybe I'm just not cut out for this stuff, and other people are more resilient and have a stronger constitution than me, but I'm not sure I've got it in me to keep taking it. I know we've had it much much worse than this, and I went through all of that too but it's the cumulative effect. Might just sack it off, and keep a general eye on things from afar now.

The last two results are just so fuckin Everton. Next week we'll draw Fulham and play like shit and it will be back to what it was last weekend.

It just seems to never end. It's always something.

Like pulling teeth supporting this team.

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