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Wish we were half as good as them.

Would even swap managers at this point.
General Football Chat / Re: Cyrille Regis R I P
« Last post by bacon sarnie on 27 minutes ago »
Fucking immense human being and an incredible footballer. RIP Big Man!
The Everton Forum / Re: Everton v West Brom
« Last post by bacon sarnie on 30 minutes ago »

.......oh aye, we don't play that game anymore do we like.
Kurt Cobain would do a better job than most of the shite thats been brought in.
Fuck's sake, is he really that bad? And how do we know if he's never given a chance?
The Everton Forum / Re: Theo Walcott
« Last post by ally2 on 1 hour ago »
Slightly concerned that he will have more onus on him to create and score in a team with so little other attacking quality. He'll be one of our main threats whereas at Arsenal the opposition would have to worry about all areas of the pitch. I think that lack of attacking balance may be why we have suffered so much from the full back situation this season. He does know pressure and expectation though, so hopefully he can do the job.
I see Timmy's back at Millwall until the end of the season. :)

Fake account
35m? Thirty five million.  THIRTY FIVE MILLION.


I came here just to see if someone could explain the lunacy
The Everton Forum / Re: The u23 thread
« Last post by brap2 on 1 hour ago »
Is it Anthony Gordon the lad in the year group below who is supposed to be decent?

Could do with knowing if we have any ballers coming through and at what age.

The Everton Forum / Re: January Targets
« Last post by brap2 on 1 hour ago »
So we want to buy another forward player?

How are we going to accommodate Terrier plus Tosun, DCL, Niasse, Sandro plus don't forget we have Onyekuru coming in the summer.

Meanwhile Cuco Martina is pinching himself yet again, he will still be the first name on the team sheet because whilst Baines is still injured there is absolutely nobody else who can play in his position that Martina can barely play in with a small level of competency.

Tosun first choice
Terrier second
DCL youthful tactical back up

Sandro going
Niasse going
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