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Ask this Saturday evening and youíll have a much clearer picture.

Iím saying no, gaps too big and we have too many players to intergrate to expect them to be flying from the off.

7th with some nice progressive football, a bit of positivity around he place and maybe a cheeky trip to Wembley will do me just fine!
The Everton Forum / Re: Caraboa Cup 2018
« Last post by Robioto on 6 minutes ago »
I'm hoping Exeter City beat Ipswich tonight (I'm going) and then we draw Exeter away so I can go and watch us at my local ground, only 5 minutes walk from my place.

Still, as with every season, I hope we take both cups seriously, lets bloody win something.

Step 1 was completed last night as Exeter beat Ipswich on pens (was a decent game as well)... I can feel that round 3 tie at the real St James Park is on the cards... (it isn't)
The Everton Forum / Re: Usmanov
« Last post by Simon Paul on 7 minutes ago »
He's just emptied all the cash machines on County Road
60+ points, give ourselves the opportunity to be within that conversation.

If someone crumbles we SHOULD be best placed to take advantage.

Leicester talking about sacking Puel already. Burnley have Europa. West Ham are touch and go with some of their signings, and their midfield two are arguably worse than ours. Wolves didnít look anything we should be TOO worried about.

60 point season, nail seventh, be in the discussion for 6th.
The Everton Forum / Re: Usmanov
« Last post by Free Agent on 21 minutes ago »
We're all getting ahead of ourselves here. Usmanov hasn't actually sold his shares yet ,the deal hasn't been reported as done . Anything could happen and probably will.  ???

Heís accepted the irrevocable KSE offer.
Thatís as good as a gentlemenís agreement.
If we can start beating some of the teams in the top 6, at least at home, then we have a chance
For me it depends on the new lads gelling and sorting the defensive lapses. If we can maintain good home form and improve our away points totals we might have a chance.

Weíll also have to do better and take more points off last yearís top 6. At least Iím hoping Silva will have us going at them instead of rolling over or holding out for a draw
The Everton Forum / Re: Looking forward....
« Last post by Escla on 44 minutes ago »
About 5 in front of me then. I'll lob me pie at you

So you in row Z ? ever tried to move or do you like it up there ?
Too many unknowns have to fall right for us to get 6th, therefore cannot be predicted with any certainty. But itís possible, and if you canít hope to go from 8th to 6th, then whatís the point.

Saying that, improved performances leading to everyone looking forward to games is nearly as important.
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