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Author Topic: Sigurdsson v Barkley  (Read 4765 times)

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Re: Sigurdsson v Barkley
« on: July 13, 2017, 02:08:14 PM »
Barkley has not shown that to Everton that he actually WANTS to stay.  He has had plenty of opportunities to do so but hasn't so it is an easy choice for me.

I'm not convinced of this.

I still think it's possible that his management team/agents/whoever have tried to negotiate by playing hardball against the club and lost.

It may be my own fantasy because I love Ross so much - but for me it is easier to believe that somebody has tried to use Ross to make a shitload of money for themselves, fucked it up, and in the process - ruined Ross' life.

That's why we don't hear anything from Ross in the press. (That and the fact he hasn't got a Belgian dad).

I'm still hoping that Ross can come back into the fold and all is forgiven.

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