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Re: Jordan Pickford
« on: November 11, 2017, 08:00:24 PM »
That ex RS twat Danny Murphy said Pickford did not have much to do and gave him a 6, the same mark as Gomez the RS late sub. Bias or what?

To be fair Gomez came on after 30 minutes...

However when you make 2 1 one 1 saves with big strong hands (down to different sides as well) early on in the game it was a match winning performance. An average keeper doesnt save either and they are 2-0 down inside the first half and they likely lose the game. He caught everything he had a chance to, distribution was really good there was literally nothing more he could have done with his performance.

There are things he needs to work from what we've seen the big one is parrying less out and making sure it's away from danger zone as a must but no doubts he is already a really good keeper and at 23 plenty of time to become even better.

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