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Re: Moshiri
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For me the jury is still out on Moshiri but at least he is trying to change things for the better. Let's hope Brands is a good appointment and does a better job than Walsh and has the backing and freedom to implement a solid structure at the club, plus I guess he will have a part to play in finding the new manager who should complement him?
I don't see why the jury is out on him?

We all wanted Koeman and Walsh - they've let him down - moshiri gave them the money

He's constantly listened to the fans and sacked managers etc, he's put the money in - weve the 4th highest net spend since 2014.

Were on the verge of a new stadium on the docks - im very confident of this happening with him there and no more elstone/woods etc to slow things down/lower expectations.

He's ruthless, virtually everyone he's approached he's got.

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