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General Football Chat / Re: Abuse in youth football
« Last post by Major Clanger on 31 minutes ago »
Common knowledge really
Not sure why it's being brought up. Again.

The court case is ongoing and one of the witnesses (another victim) mentioned in today's hearing that he tried to contact Speed's parents after his suicide to tell them what had happened.

That's why.
The Everton Forum / Re: Omar Mascarell
« Last post by ally2 on 34 minutes ago »
I'll be all over anyone with an exotic name.
The Everton Forum / Re: What team would you pick
« Last post by ally2 on 35 minutes ago »
Yeah some of these teams I thought were a second XI
The Everton Forum / Re: What team would you pick
« Last post by toffee_scot on 35 minutes ago »
Coleman-------Holgate---------<new CB>-----<new LB>
-----------------Gueye----------<new CM>-----------

Bench: Robles/Stek, Keane, Baines, Davies, Rooney, Bolasie...fuck we'd have a massive squad wouldn't we?
The Everton Forum / Re: [News]Walcott signs
« Last post by Jamokachi on 36 minutes ago »
Looking forward to seeing him play, will hopefully bring a bit of balance to the side.

Don't buy that this is bad news for Vlasic or Lookman, they have a lot of development needed, and we'll be in need of options when the inevitable downturn in form happens (look at Davies this year).
The Everton Forum / Re: [News]Walcott signs
« Last post by Django on 37 minutes ago »
Hed been at FF since 9am this morning and after the signing was announced he went and did another hour in the gym. Sounds like he could be a top fella
I'm sensing a username change.....

MmmmBlueMartina please.

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