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The Everton Forum / Re: What is Sandro?
« Last post by gizzblue on 3 minutes ago »
It's 231 league minuets in total GB, plus another 200 in Europe. Far more than Niasse got before he was written off.

But I agree he needs time, like Klansen as well.
Niasse was only written off by Koeman though.
Although we know who got the last laugh 😅.

The Everton Forum / Re: Cuco Love
« Last post by TheRam on 4 minutes ago »
He's doing a job and is part of a very in form defence so credit where it's due.

Hopefully though the next couple of games will be the last in his Everton career and we upgrade the full back positions.
The Everton Forum / Re: Mkhitraryan?
« Last post by sam of the south on 8 minutes ago »
ya, cos another number 10 is exactly what we need like.......................

Shaw is a better shout

Not sure Shaw can play as a number 10 🤔

Could give him a shot, though
The Everton Forum / What is Sandro?
« Last post by GrantyBoy78 on 12 minutes ago »
That irrelevant Fellini chat ruined this thread. Congratulations.
The Everton Forum / Re: Cuco Love
« Last post by Sir Stealth on 50 minutes ago »
I know hes not the next Maldini. I dont think hes a particularly good player

Were really short on left back options at the moment, hes the only option weve got. So what is gonna be more productive - slating him, hurling abuse at him, saying that he needs to leave?or backing him and supporting him while he does have to play, until Baines is fit again and we have better options?

Im grateful that hes managed to come in for the last 4 league games in an un natural position for him and has helped contribute to 3 clean sheets

The Everton Forum / Re: One on one interviews
« Last post by MmmBlueRamirez on 52 minutes ago »
Besic. He's at an age which is supposed to be near his peak and he's contracted until 2021 so something's got to change. He can't be happy getting half a dozen subs a year for the rest of his career. Also, when he arrived Martinez said he needed to bulk up and he still looks like a twig.

Played v well in the Europa dead rubber the other week.

Id keep him as long as hes happy to be a utility player to fill the squad.
The Everton Forum / Re: What is Sandro?
« Last post by Brownie20 on 58 minutes ago »
Sandro is a player with promise and a big price tag but no apparent spot or even a defined position at the club which bought him.

In other words, he's a Ronald Koeman signing.

5m is hardly a big price tag
The Everton Forum / Re: Cuco Love
« Last post by BlueForYou on 1 hour ago »
Seams about right
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