October 20, 2018, 11:47:25 AM

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The Everton Forum / Re: [News]Everton want £54m Ramsey
« Last post by Confucius on 33 minutes ago »
Arsenal have struggled to crack the top 4 with Theo and ramsey. Why are we slowly buying Arsenal players?
General Football Chat / Re: Today's Football 2018/19
« Last post by Jamokachi on 1 hour ago »
Rooney is flying it in America. Just scored a great 30 yard free kick there. Amazing impact he's had with them, considering they were last when he arrived

Did you know that the balls are lighter in the MLS? Not taking anything away from the free kick, it was great. Still, wonder if he could hit a (dead) ball like that in the PL these days.
Time to try to reclaim my throne from 3 years ago...

The Everton Forum / Cool Video
« Last post by sam of the south on 5 hours ago »
Nice interactions all round, and Lookman seems happy

The Everton Forum / Re: New Striker
« Last post by Elgoodo1978 on 5 hours ago »
The Everton Forum / New Striker
« Last post by Robber Rodwell on 6 hours ago »
I would love to see us make a real statement of intent and splash out on a proven goalscorer this January.  Anyone out there that you would love here??
Premier league is over hyped and full of mercenaries.  Big Sam and Big Ron's tactics were shite.  Wonder how Klaasen would have looked under Silva.
So, in which other premier league team would Klaassen have thrived in?
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