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I can actually understand,  him being upset about being under pressure. He was given the remit to get us out of trouble and look for a top half finish. Which he looks like he's achieved. Only two of his players are his signings ( only two with pace). But this is Everton,  you're not only expected to win, you're expected to win well.

not true, I expect him not to be so negative, not to lower expectations game on game, that ESPN article nailed it, he was brought in in November this was his chance to prove he's not a footballing fossil. He's failed spectacularly and is throwing everyone under the bus that he can because he's just not good enough.
Perfect world for me would be :


Coleman Keane* Other Baines
Other     Jags      Other  Other

Gana Other Other
Davies Other Other

Walcott   Tosun*   Gylfi
Other      Other     Other

* maybes, like 60/40 sure they will be first teamers.

Some of the above it would be great to get a few younger, better upgrades e.g Baines, Gylfi, Tosun perhaps, but it feels a bit daft to suggest that when we have basically a black hole weíre a top 6 midfield should be and no proven game changer in the squad.

Hopefully some from :


Step up and take some of those Other spots.

What happens to the rest I donít really mind. Would be an egregious error if Williams for example continued to get minutes next year, but if the likes of Bolasie, FM, Niasse, got a few minutes without taking from good players or young players then sound. Equally if they are sold to the lowest bidder Iím not really arsed.

Starting to think very strongly that a better front man will be needed.

Would personally be starting DCL if we had to win games, but Iím happy with either because both need minutes.
We are 8th though. I donít care but I do mean it has to lead to something. Winning enough games to finish 8th playing like this is pretty joyless. If we were 4th though and talking about making progress by signing champions league players in the summer then no I wouldnít care less that we play shit football

We're 8th because the rest of the league below 6th is absolute dross, not because we've been any kind of quality.  We're 23 points off 4th, and Spurs have a game in hand.

"What was wrong with our style?" he said to Sky Sports.

"You can't knock our football. You can knock some of our passing that went astray, but you can't knock me for that. I don't pass the ball.

"Apart from the last 10 minutes we dominated the game and there was only going to be one winner."

Why do no journos ever say - ďwell one shot on target after dominating a team with one intention - thatís not very good is it? Do you not think good chances created roughly equates to style in most fans minds? Providing moments of quality? I mean, it basically ended up a shoot out between which team could make at least one chance to take the points...top teams simply donít allow that to happen, whereas everton only ever seem capable of getting a goal when it gets to a scrambly shoot out shitshow, what do you think that says about your style? That at home, against a counter attacking team with no intention of playing the ball, that you can have the ball for 60% of the time and yet still be so wildly out of control and in the end only saved by what looks to be a diving header with a mind bending angle? Why donít you create more good chances to win the game, even at home, even when given the ball as much as you like?Ē
Some of Wenger's ideas might be outdated but he's shockingly progressive compared to our most recent hires (and I'm not just talking about Allardyce).

Heís past it imo but you are right, compared to the fucking hoof it and hope merchants we have been employing this will be like a space odyssey.

I would personally be very disappointed if we signed wenger, but if it was him or allrdyce then obviously iíd bite your hand off.
Thank god


Played well tonight, almost back to his first season standard.
You should consider your own judgment of character if you can't see that Martinez is a significantly better human than Allardyce. Not a Martinez defender by any means, he needed to go and was delusional, but I don't think he was a fundamentally shit person, which Allardyce seems to pretty clearly be.

(Ross liked this before I edited to add my second sentence.)

I really only mean in his dealings with Everton.
A lot of cry arsing in here. He went down like a sack of shit. It was a dive. Should more players have received retrospective punishment? Yes. Does that mean Niasse shouldn't have? No, not at all.
Saw a link that said Man City willing to sell Stones this summer, I wouldn't be surprised. I wouldn't say he's really progressed there either.

He was a regular, and playing very well before injury.
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