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Win 3-0

The Everton Forum / Re: Gana Get Replaced?
« Last post by kramer0 on 4 hours ago »
Football doesn't work like that, adding and subtracting goals scored by individual players. Individual stats help us learn about players but success is still contextual.

Obviously, there's no way Davies would score as much as Sigurdsson. But here are some things he can help with:

- Preventing the opposition from cutting through us at will. Davies is useful defensively and with a better defense, we don't need to score as much to win.
- Providing our defenders and midfielders with another option in possession so that opponents can't take Gomes out of the game and put all of the heavy lifting on Gana, the CBs, and the fullbacks (like they have been since December). Davies is one of the best in the squad at moving without the ball and making himself available to his teammates.
- Forcing the team to play a little deeper, giving the front three more space to work. Imagine how much more effective the likes of Richarlison, Bernard, Lookman, and Walcott would be if they weren't facing packed defenses all the time. Here's where you recover those "lost" goals.

Nobody can say for sure if all of those things would happen but it would be a worthwhile experiment, at least.

Silva's spent the last month tinkering around the midfield -- mixing up the attack, mixing up the defense, adding a defender, subtracting that defender, mixing up the attack again. It's time for him to try something to get a grip in the middle of the park.
The Everton Forum / Re: Southampton v Everton
« Last post by eyesalwaysblue on 4 hours ago »
God knows what to expect in this one.
The Everton Forum / Re: The u23 thread
« Last post by brap2 on 4 hours ago »
Any mad shouts for future stars?

Gibson has been rated for ages.

I like the look of Adeniran when I’ve seen him.

It would be nice to produce an attacking player, Anthony Gordon will be good I think. But young wingers / attacking players tend to drop off sharply don’t they, end up down the leagues etc.

Hornby I’ve got in my head that he’s a big meat head but apparently used to play midfield so might be good on the sly.
The Everton Forum / Re: Southampton v Everton
« Last post by brap2 on 4 hours ago »
Quality manager is Ralph. Got them pressing high and hard and they have plenty of quality in and around the first eleven.

Would like to win of course, but can see this being a struggle.
The Everton Forum / Re: The u23 thread
« Last post by Alanvideo on 4 hours ago »
Would be great to see some of the U23's coming through and making a real impact.
The Everton Forum / Re: The u23 thread
« Last post by BlueForYou on 4 hours ago »
Williams would be Gana's replacement, a tough ball winner

           7)Gomes                    11)Vlasic

Don't know, could work
The Everton Forum / Re: Southampton v Everton
« Last post by Zoolander on 4 hours ago »
Think we’ll win this. They’re much improved but they’ll play for a win at home and I think our quality will eventually show. Maybe 1-0 or 2-1 to us I think

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