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Richarlison - because I broke a window the other day.
The Everton Forum / Re: January transfer window
« Last post by howard1334 on 8 hours ago »
What is so repulsive about the idea of Calvert-Lewin being our centre forward?

Yeah, his numbers are boosted some by sub effects, but he has a better goals/minutes ratio than everyone at the club not named Richarlison (and it's close between the two of them) for a side that provides next to nothing in terms of service to its strikers. And that's giving Gylfi credit for penalties, which he doesn't really deserve because anyone can score a penalty (Calvert-Lewin included).

Unless someone with obvious quality (and value beyond the next year or two) becomes available for a good price, we don't need to bother adding a CF. We can just develop the guy we already have, who's actually pretty good and could get much better.

What we really need is a midfield. I'd entertain short-term options in that position because the balance in there is totally fucked and it's really holding us back.

When he starts, he is pretty ineffectual on a consistent basis.  I am warming to giving him some more game time, but you are overstating his case a bit.
The Everton Forum / Re: Worst Everton Shouts
« Last post by Elgoodo1978 on 13 hours ago »
Still think Besic will be Captain here one day
Other Lee Carsley, "see, I could have made it!"

The Everton Forum / Re: January transfer window
« Last post by mikey_blue on 13 hours ago »
A quote conjoured up by a bitter Watford fan over the whole Silva ordeal.

He never said anything close to that.

That being said I do think he is good enough for a  CL club, likely to be his next destination.

Ah right. ignore me, i'm fake news.
In a mixture of Hibbert , PVDH and AVDM. Loyal and a workhorse like TH, not afraid to get stuck into anyone or anything like Pat and when it comes to partying I am the life and soul (sadly lacking in many opportunities these days)
Van Der meyde
Talented, flawed bellend who loves a night out
I would pick Tony Hibbert.  Good work ethic.  Nothing fancy.  Solid Dependable, get's the job done.  Will never score!!!!  Feel free to use poll or add anyone who relates to your way of life.
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